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What is Metronidazole?
Being an antibiotic, Flagyl is an original brand version of the medicine for various bacterial infections. Bacteria may infect different parts of human body so that Metronidazole has much work to do. The medicine fights bacteria in respiratory tract, stomach, vagina, skin and joints. Metronidazole is, however, not suitable for treating a vaginal yest infection.

Flagyl contains an active component – metronidazole that is highly detrimental to bacteria.

What May There Be In The Package?
When you use Metronidazole, you can choose among different weights and numbers of pills. Pill can be either 200 or 400 mg. The number of pills in each package can vary from 30 to 360 pills. You should make your own calculations or look into your doctor’s prescription notes to opt for a needed number.

What to Take Into Account Before I Use Metronidazole For The First Time?
First of all, before you use Metronidazole you should know if you can use this medicine. Certain people shouldn’t take it:
those with an allergy to metronidazole or other components of the medications,
pregnant women (in the 1st trimester).

Among other things, you should inform your doctor of your desire to become pregnant. He is also supposed to learn from you if you have any other allergic reactions to other medicines. The following list of illnesses and conditions should also be taken into account by your doctor, if you have any:
problems with liver;
psychological disorders;
stomach illnesses or intestinal conditions (Crohn’s disease and others);
lack of blood cells – anemia or leukipenia.

So, it is strongly recommended that you visit your doctor before you use Metronidazole. It is only he who is able to make possible dose adjustments without any risks to your health. You may need to carry out special medical tests to find out your ability to tolerate Metronidazole.

Attention! Mothers should inform the doctor if they are breast-feeding. This might be vitally important for your baby, since the components of the medicine may penetrate into the mother’s milk and endanger a baby’s health or even life. Listen to your doctor’s recommendation before you use Metronidazole.

How to Properly Take Metronidazole?
Of course, before you use Metronidazole you should carefully read all the directions provided by your doctor or written on the label.

Metronidazole is badly absorbed together with food. So, take your dose an hour before eating and approximately two hours after a meal. Swallow a whole tablet without trying to chew or crush it. Otherwise, the entire dose of the medicine will get in your body that might be harmful.

Skipped doses may lead to a new infection. Try not to skip them at all. Still, if you have missed one, take a new dose when you remember about it. Don’t take the pill when you are going to use your scheduled dose. It is dangerous to take two doses at once. This may lead to overdose symptoms.

If it seems to you that you are having an overdose, estimate your symptoms and seek emergency medical attention if they are bothersome.

Continue your treatment even if the symptoms of your bacterial infection appear to have vanished. Follow your schedule carefully, otherwise the infection may come back.

The above mentioned rules are mandatory to follow if you want to treat your bacterial infection completely and safely. Keep them in mind before you use Metronidazole.

What to Avoid During The Course Of Treatment
There are certain things, namely bad habits and some drugs, you should avoid when treating your bacterial infection with Metronidazole. It is extremely inadvisable to drink alcohol while using the pill or during 3 days after you stop taking the medicine. This rule applies to all antibiotics, not only to Metronidazole. Remember this before you use Metronidazole. Otherwise you may experience unpleasant symptoms: nausea and vomiting, heart beating fast, red skin and some others.

What Are Metronidazole Side Effects?
Antibiotics may cause diarrhea. Watery or bloody stools should serve you as a signal to stop your treatment. However, consult with your doctor.

Allergic reactions are also common in patients taking Metronidazole. If you experience difficulty breathing, swelling and other symptoms of an allergy, stop the treatment immediately.

Serious side effects that require medical intervention may be as follows:
pain or unpleasant feelings during urination;
problems with vision;
inability to concentrate on the task;
sores in the mouth.

Mild adverse effects include dizziness, dry mouth, cough, diarrhea and some others. Learn the entire list of side effects from your doctor before you use Metronidazole.

Metronidazole will help you to forget about bacterial infections. Metronidazole has proved to be one of the most effective medicines for illnesses caused by malignant bacteria.