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What is Ondansetron?
Ondansetron is an effective medicine for nausea and vomiting caused by drug treatment (radiation or chemotherapy) or surgery. The preparation contains Ondansetron – a strong active substance – that acts by blocking specific chemicals in a patient’s body which contribute to nausea and vomiting.

What Should I Take Into Account Before Using Your First Ondansetron Dose?
It is important for you to inform your doctor of the list of illnesses and conditions you have or have had. Pay special attention to the following conditions:
heart problems;
liver illness;
low magnesium or potassium in your blood;
Long QT syndrome.

Avoid taking Ondansetron if you have an allergy to its active component or any other substances in the composition or other similar medications like granisetron (Kytril) palonosetron (Aloxi), or dolasetron (Anzemet). Don’t take Ondansetron together with apomorphine (Apokyn) as this may cause a dangerous drug interaction.

Pregnant women can use Ondansetron without worrying about possible effects on an unborn child. But still they should tell their doctor if they are pregnant, want to have a baby or if you are breast-feeding during the course of treatment. In the latter case no evidence has been found if Ondansetron can penetrate into mother’s milk.

Ondansetron shouldn’t be used by children under 4.

Phenylalanine may be contained in orally disintegrating pills. If you have phenylketonuria, your doctor should know about it to make your treatment as safe as possible.

Take into account all this information before you use Ondansetron. You should pay close attention to the above-mentioned information if you use Ondansetron.

How Should I Take Ondansetron?
Before you use Ondansetron make sure that you know how to properly use it. By the way, can you get Ondansetron over the counter? Of course, you can. But in this case you should focus on your safety. First of all, you should consult your doctor about your individual dosage and schedule you must follow during the entire treatment. Besides, read the medicine label closely prior to taking Ondansetron for the first time.

You can take the medicine either with or without food.

While using a dose you should follow a few rules that will make the procedure safe.

Extract the tablet from the pack carefully so that it won’t be damaged. Do it with completely dry hands. As soon as you put it in your mouth, the pill will start to dissolve immediately. Wait till it completely dissolves. Don’t chew the pill. You can drink some fuid to make swallowing easier.

Before you use Ondansetron and begin treatment you should remember when your usual Ondansetron administration is to take place. It is not advisable to skip doses. But if you miss one, take it shortly after you remember unless you are about to use a scheduled dose. Skip the missed one in this case.

Too much of the medicine taken at a go may lead to an overdose with the following symptoms: light-headedness, fainting, severe constipation or loss of vision. If you experience any of these overdose signs, seek emergency attention right away!

Is There Anything I Should Avoid When Taking Ondansetron?
Of course, like in case of any other medicine, there are also some limitations.

First of all, it is dangerous to take apomorphine (Apokyn) concurrently with Ondansetron on account of a possible harmful drug interaction.

Since Ondansetron may affect your behavior, way of thinking or reaction, think twice before driving a vehicle. It can present a great danger to both your health and other people’s health. The same extends to the operation of different types of machinery, which requires great concentration skills.

Can Ondansetron Cause Any Side Effects?
Like the majority of any other medications, Ondansetron can cause specific adverse effects that differ in intensity and duration. You should remember this before using Ondansetron.

If you have an allergy to Ondansetron, you can develop the following symptoms that require immediate medical aid:
swollen face, tongue, lips or throat;
difficulty breathing.

The list of possible severe Ondansetron side effects includes:
loss of vision for the time being;
difficulty breathing;
heart problems;
urination problems;
feeling on the brink of losing consciousness.

When taking Ondansetron you may devekop the following mild side effects:
feeling tired;

Ondansetron: Can I get Over the Counter?
Of course, you can get a full-fledged, over-the-counter version of Ondansetron from our online pharmacy, but make sure you have all the necessary information on how to properly use the medicine. You can use Ondansetron, which will help you cope with nausea or vomiting caused by treatment or any other reasons for a very short periof of time.

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