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Minoxidil: Uses
People use Minoxidil as a drug used in alopecia to stabilize the process of hair loss and restoration of hair.

The active substance of Minoxidil has a stimulating effect on hair growth, as well as anti-hypertensive and vasodilator action. The drug increases renin activity of blood plasma, reduces strain on the heart, helps delay sodium and water, and causes an increase in heart release.

In an external application this preparation is poorly absorbed through normal intact skin: on average 1.4% (0.3-4.5%) in the total deposited dose in the system bloodstream. In an external application, the concentration of the drug in the serum is determined by the speed in its absorption through the skin. After the treatment has been stopped, approximately 95% Minoxidil (systemic absorption) is removed for 4 days.

Minoxidil promotes the growth of new hair and suspends their loss on balding areas of the scalp.

Minoxidil is produced to restore hair growth in men and women in the most common form of baldness (95% of cases of baldness) – so-called hereditary hair loss (hereditary predisposition to baldness). The scientific name of this form of baldness is androgenetic alopecia. Baldness in this form begins with a head (men) or along the parting (for women).

Hereditary hair loss occurs slowly and becomes visible to others only a few years after it started.

Minoxidil: How to take
To make the best of Minoxidil AND GET A PERFECT RESULT, you ought to follow all the recommendations about the right dosage.

Minoxidil is extremely easy to use. The preparation is intended for external use only. The solution is rubbed into the problem areas of a head in the zone of baldness twice a day in 12-hour intervals. It takes only 15-20 seconds to apply the product. It takes less than brushing your teeth. The drug does stain neither clothes nor hair.

Before you use Minoxidil, the preparation should be applied on a dry scalp. Therefore, if you took a bath or got wet in the rain, before the application of the drug the hair and scalp should be well dried.

Minoxidil should be used daily. During the medicine twice a day (morning and evening) applied to the scalp in the amount of 1 ml at a time. That is, the maximum daily dose of Minoxidil should not exceed 2 ml. This amount was defined as optimal for the restoration of hair growth in twice daily use.

If medication is applied with the tips of the fingers, the hands should be washed well after the procedure.

Minoxidil: Side effect
Many people get recovery after they use Minoxidil. It has a great importance to learn about all the side effects the drug has.

In clinical trials of the patients with normal or high blood pressure topical the application of Minoxidil was not accompanied by common side effects. In rare cases, there were the following side effects:

Local effects: local dermatitis, erythema, burning, peeling. During the first weeks of treatment there can be some dry skin, slight redness or pimples on the skin of the head or face.

Allergic reactions: urticaria, rhinitis, face edema, allergic contact dermatitis.

The cardiovascular system: cases of the changes in blood pressure, feeling heartbeat, changes in heart rhythm, pain in the chest.

Others: described instances of dyspnea, syncope, edema, headaches, and dizziness.

Observations show that the most common negative effect is the emergence of itching and other skin irritations exposed to the drug part of the skin of the head (about 7% of drug use).

Solution of Minoxidil for local exterior contains alcohol, which can cause burning or irritation of the eyes, mucous membranes and other sensitive skin areas.

Minoxidil: Precautions
Alcohol basis of Minoxidil may cause redness and irritation of mucous membranes of the eyes. In case of accidental contact with Minoxidil, sensitive areas (eyes, mucous membranes, damaged skin) should be washed with large amounts of cold water. It should be done not less than a few minutes.

Avoid inhalation (aerosol) drug.

Minoxidil is intended for external use only. Random reception solution inside can adversely affect the body.

After application of Minoxidil, patients should wash their hands.

You cannot use Minoxidil more frequently and in larger quantities than prescribed and apply on other parts of the body.

Minoxidil: Missed dose
Online pharmacies offer their customers to get Minoxidil. In any case you shouldn’t take more than you dosctore prescribed. If you miss the dose of Minoxidil, you should continue its application according to your regular schedule.

Do not attempt to compensate the missed procedures by using higher doses or more often using Minoxidil. Remember that the maximum daily dose is applied to the scalp drug should not exceed 2 ml.

Minoxidil: Note
Today many online pharmacies sell Minoxidil, patients can even use Minoxidil. Moreover, they are able to find all the useful recommendations they need. In any case they ought to start the treatment and purchase the preparation only after the specialist has diagnosed them.